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FaithWalk is an organization that believes in meeting the needs of others in their community and surrounding communities. FaithWalk is here to serve others and provide a hand up so that they can become an asset in the community in which they live.

  FaithWalk Ministries has  FaithWalk Ministry Food and Support Center that provides food to over 300 needy families in Monroe County and surrounding areas. The Food Pantry has been able to expand it's services to meet the needs of the people of the community by adding Health Programs, Healthy Cooking Demonstrations on making meals from the food that they receive at the food pantry to ensure their families receive the proper nutrition they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Food Pantry received a grant in 2003 from the Missouri Foundation For Health to strengthen the core of the Food Pantry to provide more  healthy foods and nutrional classes to the participants.
 Through this grant the Food Pantry was able to build a warehouse 30x50 feet to store food for the families to distributed on a monthly basis. The FaithWalk Food Pantry also received a grant in September of 2007 from the Department of Health and Human Services to build capacity within the infrastructure of the Food Pantry to continue enhance the services that are provided to the participants. 
The Central Missouri Food Bank of MO in working with FaithWalk has stated that the FaithWalk Food Pantry would be a model Food Pantry that other food pantries in the State of Missourishould model their day to day operations after. There are 10-20 volunteers from the various churches and organizations that lend a helping hand to help others in the distribution of food to the needy families in our community. 
There are more people in our communities that are going hungry that we need to reach.


 If you are interested in volunteering or donating monetarily to the FaithWalk Food Pantry please feel free to contact our FaithWalk Ministry Corporate office at (660) 327 5752.

Darla McClain and she would be happy to help you in any way she can. Darla can be reached at (660) 327-5627 or (660) 346-6974








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